Terms and conditions

1. Privacy Policy. Subject and Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

1.1. This Privacy Policy, with its amendments in time serves as the basis on which we collect all data, including personal data, from you or which you provide to us for processing. Please read carefully this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with it, please do not proceed with using our website and do not provide us with any personal data. Using our Website will be deemed that you have accepted our Privacy Policy. Prior to providing your personal data (including e-mail address) through our Website, you will be explicitly asked to accept our Privacy Policy. Once accepted our Privacy Policy, you agree that we collect and process your personal data as referred to herein.

1.2. We preserve our right to make changes at any time in our Privacy Policy by posting the amended terms and conditions on our Website and without giving any other notices. Any material changes will be communicated separately in a proper manner. Please remember to take a regular look at the Privacy Policy, because your access to or use of the Website, once a given changed Privacy Policy has been posted, will be deemed to have received your consent with the Privacy Policy in the version as posted on our Website at the time of your respective visit.

1.3. In the registration form filled in by the user, UniComs indicates the mandatory or non-mandatory fields for providing of personal data. Expressing their approval for this Privacy Policy, user agrees their information to be processed in the manner and for the purposes set forth therein. The limitations under the above text will not apply in case that the user or persons under their control have violated rights or legal interests of third parties or imperative legal principles. In this case UniComs has the right to provide the personal information about the user to the competent government authorities according to the applicable legal regulations.

2. Cookies. “Cookie” Use Policy.2.1. For the purposes of this policy on using cookies please consider the following information: cookie is a small word file saved on your computer or a mobile device and is downloaded from there in any subsequent visits. Cookies so used are both permanent and temporary (session cookies). Permanent cookies are saved as a file on your computer or mobile device for a period not longer than 24 months. We use session cookies when using the function of filtering the products in order to check if you have entered the system or have put an item into your basket.

2.2. Using cookies to improve and facilitate your visit. We do not use cookies for storage of personal data or disclosure of information to third parties.
2.3. Deleting the cookies from your computer or mobile device takes place by using your browser. The instructions for work and deletion of cookies are available in the Help menu of your browser. You may decide to disable cookies or to get a notice any time a new cookie is forwarded to your computer or mobile device. Please note that if you decide to disable the cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of all functions.
2.4. We use cookies of third parties to collect statistical data in a compressed form through analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook.

3. Basic Provisions for the Use of the Website.3.1. We are under the obligation that the data we receive and/or collect from you shall be processed in compliance with the applicable law and only for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy.

3.2. Personal data are provided on a volunteer basis. Anyway, without providing certain data to use, you may not receive services or purchase products from us.
3.3. When you provide us with your personal data and/or contact information, you allow us to contact you for the purpose you have provided these personal data or contact information for and as described hereinafter. Such connection may include contact via e-mail, short messages (SMS), pop-up notices and/or a phone call.
3.4. We do not trust, sell, rent out, license, transfer, etc., our database containing personal data of our clients, except as provided in the general terms and conditions.
4. Data about you that we may not collect or process.4.1. We may collect and process the following basic data about you, as we preserve your right to withdraw your consent or request cancellation of registration, as stated below in the relevant section of this Privacy Policy.
– the data you provide when you are signing in for any of our services or to have access to limited sections of our Website, or during the purchase process, by a specific name and surname, e-mail, gender, date of birth, billing address, shipment address and/or phone number;
– information that you provide by filling in forms on our Website or by posting materials on our Website;
– details of transactions that you make through our Website and details of the performance of your orders;
– information that you provide us when participating in competitions or promotions sponsored or organized by us or our affiliate;
– information that you provide us when you connect with us through any kind of communication;
– information that you provide us if you decide to take part in filling in questionnaires;
– sound recordings of phone conversations with our customer service department.
4.2. Other data: We may additionally collect and process data, as stated hereinafter in this Privacy Policy.
5. Purpose of the Processing of the Personal data.5.1. We and our affiliate companies may use the data about you for the following purposes:
– To fulfill our duties arising out of each transaction made between you and us;
– To protects our rights and interests and yours;
– To offer you transactions, products or services that may be of your interest, as described hereinafter;
– To present the contents of our Website in the best efficient way for you;
– To personalize your shopping in the future;
– To make a market analysis and statistical research for the internal needs of UniComs Bulgaria EOOD and its related companies – personal data administrators;
– To provide you with information, products or services that you have ordered from us;
– To send you advertising, commercial and information messages to your e-mail registered in the user profile, for contacting on the phone for a marketing purpose or in case of expiring terms of a service/goods;
– For identification under the concluded contracts, for reporting and accounting purposes with the vendors, information platform lessees and statistical processing in accordance with Art. 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act.
– To forward you notifications, including about changes within the range of the General Terms and Conditions.
5.2. We may use the information about you additionally, as separately stated in the General Terms and Conditions.

6. IP address and other parameters provided from your web browser or application.6.1. We may collect information about your device, including, if available, your IP address, operating system and browser type, and other parameters provided, when your web browser or application make access to our Website.

6.2. Such other parameters may include but without limited to: (i) details about your visits, e.g. data about the traffic, data about location and other communication data, and (ii) the resources you have access to.
6.3. We may use such information (i) for system administration (ii) for statistical purposes (e.g. generation of reports on a general basis with statistical data about browsing actions and patterns of our visitors) and/or (iii) for protection against frauds, minimizing credit risk and other safeguard purposes, for example if the behavior of using or the access to our Website from you or your device impairs the interests or causes some damages to UniComs Bulgaria EOOD or to third parties that UniComs Bulgaria EOOD is cooperating with.
6.4. We may use technical data provided by your web browser or application to provide personalized advertisement, including by using means for targeting and retargeting. The technical data provided from your web browser or application will not be connected to the personal data that we may have from you and will not be used for your identification. In case of targeting, we will use such technical data to present an advertisement which, on the basis of the analysis from your previous clicks, may be of a given interest for you. Applying the technology of retargeting, we have the opportunity to provide users, who have visited our Website before, with our advertisements or advertisements with our products, when such user visits a Website of a third party, which is a part of the same advertising network. This form of marketing is conducted anonymously, which means that no personal data are not stored in any way and no behavior profile is related to your personal data.

7. Newsletters, Communications and Notices.7.1. When you provide us with personal data and/or contact information through our Website, you agree (as you have a right to waive or withdraw your consent according to the next section), that we may send you newsletters, communications and other notices by mail, e-mail, short messages (SMS), pop-up messages or on the phone. Such communications are forwarded together with others, with or without human interference for the purpose of direct marketing or advertising of similar products or services supplied by UniComs Bulgaria EOOD.

7.2. You may waive or withdraw your consent to receive newsletters, communications or notices at any time by contacting our Customer Service Department using the contact details provided on our Website.
7.3. We preserve the right to choose to whom we will send newsletters, communications and/or notices and to remove from our existing or potential customer’s database anyone who has given their consent to receive newsletters, communications and/or notices without any further obligation on the part of UniComs Bulgaria EOOD or the need for any further notice.

8. Location of data storage and processing.8.1. The data we collect from you may be processed, transferred and/or stored in a location in the Republic of Bulgaria.

9. Disclosure of your data.9.1. The data we collect from you may be processed by personnel working for you, for our capital owner, for companies controlled by us or by our capital owner or for third parties being our vendors or vendors of our capital owner or other companies under its control. Such personnel may be busy, except with other things, also with the Website support, fulfillment of your order, processing the details of your payment or providing support services.

9.2. We may disclose and/or provide your personal data to our capital owner and to companies controlled by us or our owner, including each member of UniComs Group of Companies, and our direct, indirect and ultimate holding company and its affiliates, in case that we reorganize the manner in which we provide the services to our users, and such provision or disclosure of data is required for providing or continuing to provide services to our users.
9.3. We may disclose your data to third parties service providers (i) to fulfill our duties we have toward you, including but without limitation to the delivery of ordered products by courier service, sending physical mail, e-mail, SMS or pop-up messages, or (ii) who render services to us, our capital owner or companies controlled by us or our owner, such as data analysis, marketing collaboration, advertising services, translation, payment processing, logistics and services related to customer service, consultation, audit and legal services, or in general, in relation to the purposes described in section Purpose of the Processing of the Data about You. Such disclosure is permitted, provided that these third parties need to have access to the data in order to provide their services, but they will not be entitled to use them for any other purposes, in particular, for their own internal business purposes.
9.4. For the purpose of identification and processing of payments through third parties providers of payment services and for avoidance of any frauds, we may be required to disclose some of your data (such as name and surname, country of residence, phone number and e-mail address, and an order number and ordered products) to such third party – provider of payment services.
9.5. If you provide us directly with any payment details (including a bank account in case of returning a product), we will disclose them to third parties providers of payment services, to the extent needed for refunding a given amount or making payment to you.
9.6. We may disclose your data to third parties additionally in compliance with the requirements of the applicable law.
– in case that we sell or purchase a business or an asset, in which case we may disclose your personal data to the relevant potential purchaser or purchaser of such business or asset;
– if the company managing the Website or its all assets, correspondingly, get acquired by a third party, in which case the personal data processed by it about its customers will constitute one of the transferred assets;
– if we have the duty to disclose or provide your personal data in order to comply with a given legal, regulatory or court obligation;
– to apply or ensure the application of our General Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Website, other arrangements, or to protect our rights, property or safety, as well as those belonging to our customers or other parties; or
– in other way.

10. Links to or from other Websites.Our Website may sometimes contain links to or from websites of third parties, for example third parties producers, distributors, advertising agencies, providers of payment services or platforms of social networks, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. If you follow a link to these websites, please have in mind that these websites have their own Privacy policies and that we do not have any responsibility for the Privacy policies or practices applied by these parties. Please check up these policies before supplying data to these websites.

11. Registration through a Website owned by a Third Party.We may provide you the opportunity to register through a website of a third party, in particular, through a platform of social network like Facebook. In this case, you may click on the button ‘registration through (Facebook)’ in the registration form and sign in the website of this third party. Doing so, you agree that your personal data (in particular, your name, surname, date of birth, gender, and e-mail address) will be taken from this website of social network and will be forwarded to us. If you register through such website of a third party, please remember that these websites have their own Privacy policies and that we do not take any responsibility or obligation for the Privacy policies or practices applied by third parties. Please check up these policies before registering on our Website through such a website of a third party.

12. Access to information and other rights that you may have.12.1. Applicable laws give you rights in relation to your personal data. These rights include, but without limitation to as follows:
– the right to request our confirmation that your personal data are being processed or not;
– the right to request information about the status of processing of your personal data;
– the right to request information about the source from which we have received your personal data for processing;
– the right to access to your personal data or to see a copy of the personal data we possess about you;
– the right to claim correction, updating or addition of your data;
– the right to reject the use of your personal data for marketing purposes;
– the right to withdraw your consent and/or to claim cancellation of registration and deletion from our Website, as described below in the next section on consent withdrawal and cancellation of registration;
– the right to have your data removed from the system, as described below in the next section on consent withdrawal and cancellation of registration;
12.2. When you want to benefit from such a right, please address your request in writing (e-mail or a signed and dated letter) to the Customer Service Department to the address available on our Website.

13. Withdrawal of Your Consent; Registration Cancellation; Data Retention.13.1. You may withdraw your consent to the General Terms and Conditions and/or request registration cancellation and deletion from our Website at any time and at no cost for you by contacting the Customer Service Department in writing (an e-mail is sufficient) using the contact details available on our Website. Such withdrawal of your consent will not apply with respect to the existing transactions between us.

13.2. In any case, we may retain the data for a period required by the applicable law, including the commercial, tax or other laws in order to keep information related to concluded transactions.
13.3. In case that no transaction has been concluded between you and us before your withdrawal or request for registration cancellation, we will remove your data from the system so as not to have any access to them.

14. Data Security.14.1. We are under the obligation to apply the proper technical and organizational measures to keep your data secured and to have the opportunity to fulfill the duties set forth in the General Terms and Conditions and all requirements of the applicable law.

14.2. All information that you provide to us shall be stored on secured servers. All payment transactions will be encrypted by means of SSL technology.
14.3. Unfortunately, the transmission of information on internet is not fully protected. Although we will do our best to secure your personal data, we are not able to guarantee the security of your data transmitted to and from our Website. Each transmission is at your own risk. Once received your information, we will apply strict procedures and measures of security in order to attempt to prevent any unauthorized access.
14.4. We do not take any responsibility for caused damages that are outside our reasonable control, including irregularities that may threaten the security of the servers on which the database containing personal data are stored.
14.5. When we have given you a password (or when you have chosen such), giving you access to certain parts of our Website, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. Please do not share the password with anyone. You (only and exclusively) take full responsibility for sharing your data with third parties.

15. Misuse of Personal Data.We do not take any responsibility if you have been misled by unauthorized third parties, presenting themselves as representatives of UniComs. Please let us know if you become aware of such behavior by a third party.

16. Contact for Questions.Any questions, comments and requests relating to the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and in reference with the rights you have and the applicable law are welcome and should be addressed in writing or call our Customer Service Department using the contact details available on our Website.
Contact details:
UniComs Bulgaria EOOD
118, Bulgaria Blvd., Abacus Business Center, 5th floor
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria
Free phone number for contact: 0800 13456

17. E-store (www.sendo.info)17.1. The e-store of UniComs gives the users the opportunity to review, get full information and purchase the goods and/or services offered there.

17.2. By ticking in the field ‘I agree with the General Terms and Conditions’ the User files their e-application within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, stating that they are familiar with these General Terms and Conditions and accept them in full.

18. Orders, Terms of Payment, Delivery, Performance.18.1. The e-store accepts orders between 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM on business days.

18.2. Manner of placing an order: Each of the offered products may be selected by clicking on ‘Order’. Clicking on this button will show the accessible products and their final price that the user is supposed to pay at goods delivery. User has to enter in the form provided for that end their personal data. Prior to confirming their order, user may take a look at the basket, correct the quantity and their information and then confirm it by clicking on ‘Order’. After the order, the e-store system will process the order and our employee will contact the User by the end of the next working day for confirmation of the delivery details. Once confirmed by the User, the employee will contact the drug store – partner, who is authorized to sell medical devices to ultimate users.
18.3. Upon customer’s request, an order may also be placed on the following phone number: 0 800 13456.
18.4. The performance of the order may be delayed for any of the following reasons: Shortage of the ordered item; Wrong or incomplete delivery address or phone number for contact with the user; Technical problem with the e-store, etc.

19. Prices and Terms of Payment.19.1. The final price of the order is the price for the total ordered items, as stated on the website before sending the order for processing.

19.2. All prices are in BGN, including VAT, and are not subject to change from the time of placing an order until the time of payment.
19.3. Payment shall be made by cash on delivery (COD) to the courier delivering the goods.

20. Sale. Delivery.20.1. Method of Delivery: The sale and delivery are done by a drug store – partner of UniComs, who is authorized to sell medical devices to ultimate users. Within a working day after the request has been received by an employee of UniComs, the drug store – partner will carry out the delivery of the selected products to the ultimate user by their own employee.

20.2. The term of delivery to the final point of destination selected by the User is within 3 business days from the day of placing an order.
20.3. The delivery is free for the user.
20.4. No deliveries are carried out on Sundays, public holidays/days off or outside the indicated hours.
20.5. In case of delay of the delivery, no matter of the reasons for that, UniComs shall notify the User thereof and state a new date of delivery.

21. Waiver. Warranties and Complaints.21.1. Warranty Conditions. Warranty Period: Purchased goods have a lawful and/or commercial warranty, details of which are available in the instruction of each product.

21.2. If the product shows a defect within the warranty period due to bad quality materials or improper workmanship, the repair is made for free.
21.3. No warranty claim will be accepted when the instructions for installation and operation, as stated in the manual, have not been met; there are discrepancies between the data on the warranty card and the goods themselves; there are damages due to a repair done by unauthorized persons or service facility; the damages cause result from external factors: dust, liquids, exposure to adverse weather conditions and subject to shock or impact as a result of being dropped down; device improper operation and maintenance; usual wear and tear of the materials.
21.4. Complaints for SENDO blood pressure monitors are considered by the authorized service of the distributor UniComs Bulgaria EOOD, as stated at the back of the warranty card placed in each product.
The service is located at 90, Petar Dertliev Blvd., Ljulin 6, Sofia.
21.5. The warranty is valid and the complaint is considered only upon presentation at once of the product under complaint, correctly completed warranty card and a cash receipt/invoice for purchase.
21.6. Complaint processing: The service of UniComs Bulgaria EOOD has the necessary service repair equipment, information, software, trained staff, and is authorized to consider warranty claims within 30 days upon direct presentation of the blood pressure monitor to the service; within 30 days when the complaint is arranged through the retailer who has sold the product. In a town/city without any warranty service available, the complaint is arranged through the retailer. They shall send the product under complaint with a completed warranty form and a cash receipt/invoice attached thereto to the warranty services.
21.7. In case of disapproval for the warranty claim, the client will be returned the warranty form with a short written statement. With products having a warranty card, each warranty complaint will be entered there.

21.8. Applicable Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act:„Art. 112. (1) In case of discrepancy between the consumer goods and the sales contract, consumer has the right to file a claim requesting that the seller shall bring the goods in compliance with the sale contract. In this case the consumer may choose between the option for making a repair of the goods or for replacing them with new ones, except where it is not possible to happen or their selected option of compensation is disproportionate to the other one.

(2) An option of consumer compensation shall be deemed disproportionate if its use requires costs for the seller, which compared to the other option of compensation are unreasonable considering:
1. the value of the consumer goods, if there had been no lack of discrepancy;
2. the importance of discrepancy;
3. the opportunity to suggest another option to the consumer for compensation not related to any significant inconveniences for them.

Art. 113. (1) (New – SG, ed. 18 of 2011) Where the consumer goods do not comply with the sales contract, the seller shall bring it in compliance with the sales contract.

(2) (Former section 1 – SG, ed. 18 of 2011) Bringing consumer goods in compliance with the sales contract must be done within a month after the consumer has filed a claim.

(3) (Former section 2, as amended – SG, ed. 18 of 2011) After expiration of the term under section 2, the consumer is entitled to terminate the contract and be refunded the paid amount or claim reduction of the price of the consumer goods under Art. 114.

(4) (Former section 3 – SG, ed. 18 of 2011) Bringing consumer goods in compliance with the sales contract is done at no cost for the consumer. They shall not owe any costs for shipment of the consumer goods or for materials and work related to their repair, and they should not sustain any significant inconveniences.

(5) (Former section 4 – SG, ed. 18 of 2011) Consumer may also request compensation for suffered damages as a result of the discrepancy.

Art. 114. (1) In case of a discrepancy of the consumer goods with the sales contract and where the consumer is not satisfied with claim resolution under Art. 113, they have the right to selecting any of the following options:
1. termination of the contract and refund of the amount paid by them;
2. price reduction.

(2) Consumer may not claim refund of the paid amount or price reduction for the goods, where the retailer does not agree to make replacement of the consumer goods with new ones or to repair the goods within a month after the consumer has filed the complaint.

(3) (New – SG, ed. 61 of 2014, effective since 25 July 2014) Retailer shall satisfy a request for termination of the contract and refund the amount paid by the consumer, when after it has satisfied three complaints of the consumer by making a repair of the same goods within the warranty period under Art. 115, another new discrepancy occurs between the goods and the sales contract.

(4) (Former section 3 – SG, ed. 61 of 2014, effective since 25 July 2014) Consumer may claim termination of the contract if the discrepancy between the consumer goods and the contract is minor.

Art. 115. (1) Consumer may exercise their right under this section within two years, as of the delivery of the consumer goods.

(2) The term under section 1 shall cease running during the time necessary for the repair or replacement of the consumer goods or achievement of an agreement between the seller and the consumer on resolving the dispute.

(3) Exercise of the consumer right under section 1 is not bound to any other term for filing a claim, other than the term under section 1.’

21.9. Commercial warranty does not affect the consumer rights arising out of the warranty under Art. 112 – 115, and notwithstanding the commercial warranty, the seller is responsible for the lack of compliance of the consumer goods with the sales contract according to the warranty under Art. 112 – 115.